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Welcome to the exciting world of pickleball at Players World of Sports, Hilton Head Island's top destination for all your pickleball needs! Our store is a haven for pickleball enthusiasts, offering a wide range of equipment and a fun, sporty atmosphere for all your pickleball needs!

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Wide Range of Pickleball Equipment

Visit our store and explore an array of pickleball equipment designed for players of all levels. Our team is just as passionate about the game as you are, and are well versed in the latest equipment. From high-quality balls to nets and accessories, we've stocked up on everything to ensure your game is going to be on par!

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Best Pickleball Racquet for Every Player

Choosing the right racquet is important, from how it feels in your hand to how the rebound is when hitting the ball, and at Players World of Sports, we offer the best pickleball racquet in the market. Our range includes options for power hitters, finesse players, and those seeking the perfect balance of both.

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Your One-Stop Pickleball Store

At Players World of Sports, we are more than just a pickleball store. As a longstanding member of the Hilton Head Island community since 1982, we take pride in providing our customers with a great experience. Our passionate and knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you in choosing the right equipment for your game, provide expert advice, and answer your toughest questions.

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Join Our Pickleball Community

We believe in offering a complete pickleball experience that goes beyond just selling equipment. We are passionate about the sport and foster a community of pickleball enthusiasts. Whether you're new to the sport or a seasoned player, we welcome you to join our community, participate in events, and meet fellow enthusiasts.

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So, come down to Players World of Sports, and let us help you gear up for the game and experience the excitement, fun, and sportsmanship of pickleball.

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